3 Ways to Take Care of Your Furniture Upholstery

From time to time our couch and chairs, as well as carpets, need a decent clean. We are vacuuming floors usually every few days, so why should we neglect the furniture? They also get dusty and dirty, especially if we have pets and children in the house.


Everyday care of your furniture


Regular vacuuming of furniture will protect your couch and chairs from dust and dirt that can get into deeper layers of the material or sponge that is located underneath. However, sooner or later you will still have to learn how to clean the couch and other upholstery, especially if its surface got few stains from spilled liquids or food, or just discoloration due to use of the material.


DIY way


To clean your couch and chairs you can buy washing detergent for upholstery cleaning – you can get one in major stores in Sydney. The next step is to follow the instructions given by the manufacturer on the packaging. This method for furniture cleaning is relatively cheap, but rather time-consuming and not always as effective as you’d expect.

When washing the couch and chairs by yourself you have to be aware that you did not choose the most delicate method, because each scrubbing weakens the surface of the material. Furthermore, any detergent which is rubbed into upholstery, usually only stays between the fibers, and even mixes up with dirt. A key element of the process is to dissolve the dirt, then rinse it. Unfortunately, it is not easy to remove the remains of detergent after cleaning furniture by yourself.


Use the machine


If you do not want to risk damage to upholstery, consider purchasing a vacuum cleaner equipped with a washing function. The machine is useful not only for cleaning carpets, but can also solve the problem of dirty couch. Thanks to the specific structure, most models allow delicate upholstery cleaning detergent without rubbing in the surface. Vacuum cleaners washing is a good idea for those who frequently wash both couches and rugs or carpets. The downside is the price – its height effectively deters most average users of furniture


Safe and effective upholstery cleaning by professionals


If you do not want to risk damaging your furniture, you can also consider calling a specialists from Aladdin Carpet Cleaning Company team. Armed with the right equipment and skills, Aladdin’s professionals will make your furniture like new again in no time. The furniture upholstery cleaning process eradicates mites, dead skin, body oils, dust, hair and food and drink residue leaving you with a clean and healthy environment.

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Chair Before & After Being Cleaned by Aladdin carpet Cleaning Professionals

After your furniture’s cleaning treatment your Aladdin technician will apply a Scotchguard treatment to help better protect your furniture from future accidents and general build-up of dirt. When applied correctly, Scotchguard creates an invisible protective film so that spillages bead when they contact the furniture’s surface — this allows you some time to wipe-off or blot-up the spillage before it soaks in to the fabric. This fabric protection process lengthens the life of your furniture and decreases the interval between the need for professional cleans. By having your furniture upholstery cleaned every few years you will significantly lengthen it’s life — saving you money on new furniture or re-upholstering.


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