5 Reasons to Clean Your Carpet In The Summer

Summer is finally coming, Sydney! We all have been waiting for it, haven’t we?!

It’s time for outdoor activities and exciting summer adventures. No more snuggling in to keep yourself warm. During the winter, we usually spend much more time indoors, and finally when it’s over, it’s time to consider getting your home in a tip-top condition after the winter.

Here are 5 reasons to consider why you should clean your carpet during the summer.

Germs and dust spread faster when it’s hot

High temperatures make germs and bacteria grow faster and will make them more active. Moreover, when it’s sunny and warm you can easily see the dust in the air. The dust stuck in to your carpets, rug and furniture, and it’s usually more when your carpet hasn’t been deep cleaned for a few months, especially during the winter.

Most of the bacteria are killed in boiling temperatures, and that is why steam cleaning is one of the best methods to kill most of the germs and bacteria.

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The carpet will dry fast in the summer

Most of the people prefer to book steam carpet cleaning during summer time because of the faster drying times. Usually the demand in the carpet cleaning is seasonal with more bookings coming in the summer due to the fact that most of the people are concern about drying time.

For example on a warm sunny day a carpet that takes 3 hours to dry might take 6 hours on a cold and wet day to dry.

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You spend more time outdoors

There so much to do in the summer in Sydney. Go to the beach, have a walk or go for an adventure to Blue Mountains… its an unending list. Once your carpet is steam cleaned, make sure it’s dry before you walk on it to prevent staining it again. Go for an adventure and let it dry. Having your carpet cleaned by professionals will let you not only do all this things but you ll come to a nice, clean and fresh home to rest after your summer Sydney adventure.

You often stay with windows opened at home and let the dust come in

In a hot day I bet you don’t want to stay with all windows closed. Open windows will let a fresh air in the room, but will also bring dust and dirt in. Even though Sydney is very clean city compared with other metropolitan cities, there is still dust and dirt in the air and we cannot avoid it. The dust usually incorporates into the carpet and even if you don’t see it, it’s in there deep into your carpet. Regular steam cleaning will make it fresh and clean.

Be ready for the holiday season

Last but not least the Holiday season is coming! Refresh your carpet with a steam cleaning from Aladdin Carpet Cleaning Sydney just in time for the Christmas season. Professional steam carpet cleaning will remove any stains, and leave the carpet nice and fresh.


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