Carpet Cleaning Drying Times

Easily the most common question I get asked about carpet cleaning is “how long does it take to dry”.

This question isn’t quite akin to “how long is a piece of string” but it does contain a hefty number of variables therefore the answer is not so straight forward. What does Aladdin Carpet Cleaning Sydney specify on it’s website for carpet drying times post steam clean? Well we generally say around four hours. This figure can vary in reality and it depends on just a few main variables. Type of carpet, water pressure used and the prevailing weather conditions for that particular day.

Type of carpet, well this should be reasonably straight forward. Carpets are made from different materials and are of a different length and composition or weave, however you like to describe it. Natural fibres such as wool are generally more absorbent to the steam and will suck in and hold more water than synthetic carpet fibres. Secondly carpet pile lengths and textures vary greatly. A carpet with a plush, thick, long pile will take in and hold more of the steam than a very short piled carpet, thus taking longer for the water to evaporate and the carpet to fully dry.


Carpet cleaned Sydney North Shore
Fast drying times carpet cleaning.

Second factor is based on the water pressure used for the steam clean. An experienced carpet steam cleaner will always know that it is best to use the least amount of water as possible to successfully complete a job. The pressure required is generally dictated by the condition of the carpet. Carpets that are more heavily soiled and stained will require a higher water pressure to help dislodge stubborn stuck on dirt and melt away layers of dried dirt and oily residue if they’ve been allowed to build up on the carpets over the years. It must be noted that the idea of carpet steam cleaning is not to ‘wash’ the carpets, by this I mean the carpet cleaner should not be looking to soak the carpet right through to the backing. The steam is there to agitate the dirt and stuck on particles more than just a regular vacuum would be able to do. A good carpet cleaner will always pre-spray the carpet too with a specialised carpet pre-spray specifically designed for being applied prior to professional steam cleaning. This pre-spray will help to loosen up the dried in dirt before the steam clean is carried out. Again the pre-spray should not be so heavy that it unnecessarily over wets the carpet, however in areas of high soiling or staining a good pre-spray of the carpet soap and water mix should completely cover and wet the affected area of carpet.

The third and final main factor that determines carpet cleaning drying times is the weather on the day. Demand in the carpet cleaning industry tends to be seasonal with more bookings coming in the summer months. This is mainly due to customers concerns over carpet drying times. Although I’ve listed this as one of the main factors in determining drying time, (which it is), it should also be noted that a steam clean carried out professionally and with the correct procedure, technique and water pressure should still dry within a matter of hours and not days, even on a cold and rainy day. When I use the word ‘cold’ I’m referring to cold relative to the climate of Sydney, a cold winter’s day in Sydney being maybe 13 degrees Celsius. Warm dry days, such as a summer’s day in Sydney at 30C+ will obviously aid the drying time due to basic physics, laws of evaporation. I would say the effect of this weather from cold and wet to warm and dry would equate to about a two fold increase in drying times. For example on a warm sunny day a carpet that takes 3 hours to dry might take 6 hours on a cold and wet day to dry. If a high pressure has been used due to heavy soiling of the carpet that time could be over 6 hours and the carpet could take the whole day to dry, going on 12 hours or overnight until the next morning, depending on the time of day the carpet clean was carried out. A final point to note is that a cool dry day is more agreeable for drying of carpets than a hot, excessively humid day, as the moisture in the air can really prohibit the process of evaporation of the moisture in the carpet from the steam clean.

Professionally steam cleaned carpet
This carpet will be dry in a few hours, ready for the furniture to be placed back.

Conclusion? Don’t get overly concerned about picking the perfect time to get your carpets professionally cleaned. Do however be selective in your choice of carpet cleaning Sydney provider. If you have a family member, friend, colleague who can recommend a carpet steam cleaning company in Sydney that they have already used with successful and pleasing results, go with them. Ask this person if they have the details for that particular carpet cleaning company. In the absence of a recommendation, search carefully and read up on the company, read what processes they use, are they locally based in Sydney and do they have a good online presence with legitimate reviews and feedback from genuine past satisfied customers. Be careful of companies that have little or no online presence or information about themselves or look to have just a handful of possibly dubious reviews or worse yet a clutch of bad reviews.

At Aladdin Carpet Cleaning Sydney you can be assured peace of mind that you’re trusting your carpets to the professionals, who will work with utmost due diligence and care using only the best carpet cleaning equipment and products and following correct carpet cleaning procedures and methods.