Home Decor Ideas: Embrace the Colour in Your Home

Bring your home to life with a winning colour combination. Why not?

We all know colors, such as gray, white and silver are always stylish and classy, but sometimes they can be a little too plane and boring.

Jump start your next interior decoration with the colour combination the Aladdin Carpet Cleaning experts have chosen for you.

You can never go wrong by using neutral colours in a combination of a single or multiple bold and high contrast colours to create a vibrant home with personality and uniqueness.

Home decoration and interior design could be expensive, so it’s always better to start with a clear idea of what you want and gather at as many ideas as possible, before starting the venture.

Here are some home interior ideas that the Aladdin Carpet Cleaning experts have gathered for you.

Cold Grays with Warm Pop-up Accent

Pick a neutral colour as a base and pair it with a bold colour to create a calm and contemporary feel. Once you picked the basic colour its easy to create different variations and shades in the monochromatic scheme, then add one bold and contrasting elements for a warm accent.

neutral interior yellow accent lounge
Neutral living room with a yellow pop-up accent. Source: Pinterest
Living room with yellow pop-up color. Neutral furniture and interior
Living room: neutral furniture, walls and carpet, but yellow pop-up accent. Source: Pinterest

You can pick to colour one or more furniture or home accessory – curtains, walls, carpets and rugs, cushions, or even frameworks or pictures.

Bedroom interior. Green carpet
Bedroom decor ideas. Light green pop-up colour. Source: Pinterest
living room red wall accent
Red walls accent. Source: Pinterest

Complimentary Colours

The complimentary scheme is based on the idea of using two colours opposite to each other to instantly brighten any space. This means that one color acts as a primary colour and the other is the accent. Typical combinations are red and green, blue and orange, or yellow and purple.

color wheel home design

Choosing the complimentary scheme for your living spaces can be too bold sometimes. The main idea is to keep the colours balanced so it’s not too much.

To avoid overdoing it is to use neutrals to balance out the high contrast of a complimentary scheme or use muted colours.

blue & orange furniture lounge
Blue & orange colour scheme combination. Blue & orange lounge furniture. Sourece: Pinterest
purple & yellow furniture
Complimentary colour scheme – purple & yellow

Colour Combo – Triadic or tetradic colour scheme

Dare or not? Using multiple colours in the interior is a bold combination and not many can do it right. With triadic and tetradic you basically use three or four colours that are evenly spaced around the colour wheel. With these two colour schemes you use plenty of colours where you don’t allow a single element to pop out.

When using multiple colours be aware of the colour temperature as well, try to use both cold and warm colours to create a harmony and a balanced look and feel of your living spaces.

Using multiple colours sometimes can be a little extreme. If you decide to go for one of these interior colour ideas, Aladdin Carpet Cleaning experts suggest you to either use patterns as a safety net or muted colours.

colourful living room with patterns
Colour combo design interior with patterns. Source: Pinterest
colorful carpet
Colorful carpet as an accent. Source: Pinterest

Soft Pastel Colours

Create romantic, soft and relaxed atmosphere by using pastel colours, such as soft pink, gray and blue.

Contrast the soft colours with a statement element, such as floor lamp that catches the eye or patterned carpet to add dynamic to your interior.

living room, pastel carpet and furniture
Romantic living room in pastels. Source: Pinterest

With pastels you can use any of the above colours scheme but lower the contrast and mute the colours for more relaxed look and feel.

As a conclusion, don’t forget that there is nothing better than a clean home. Get in touch with the Aladdin Carpet Cleaning experts in Sydney and book carpet or furniture cleaning at affordable prices.