Have a Pet?! You can still have a clean carpet…

We all know the inhabitants of our beautiful country have a love affair for pets. Australia ranks as one of the highest pet owning countries in the world, we love our little furballs and kitties! This is especially the case in Sydney with pet hot spots such as the Eastern Suburbs and new dog utopias such as Zetland and other suburbs in Sydney’s Inner West. But with “domesticated” animals comes responsibilities and expenses that these loveable creatures can cause from time to time.


Cats seem to have an inbuilt mechanism for attending the call of nature outdoors, dogs on the other hand and more so puppies seem to be a little more care free, or care less or don’t care at all where they decide to release their bladders. It could be in the corner of your living room, over a pile of fresh laundry or in that same spot on your thousand dollar value Persian rug, it’s all the same to them.


However shouting at them every time will not put a stop to them, they usually need structured training from either yourself or a professional to get them to pee where you want them too! If your pet urinates or in some instances defecates on your carpets or rugs or lounge for that matter it’s not the end of the world, pet urine in carpet can be successfully treated. You can try blot it up and clean it yourself using warm water and a maybe a little bit of detergent. You’ll find articles around the internet on different methods such as using vinegar or baking soda. I’d be careful with using anything other than warm water as some products, especially the super market shelf ones can do more harm than good. They can end up leaving a worse stain or a more rancid smell.


My advice would be not to go crazy and start testing all sorts of home treatments. If you have a wet vac use this, it’s going to extract the majority of the urine and help rinse it through. In the absence of a wet vac, blot up as much of the urine as possible using towels or paper towels/tissues. Use a small amount of warm water. Never put too much water on a stain as this can cause a bigger worse stain and leave a water mark and damage the carpet. Avoid vigorously rubbing it as this can also fray and damage the carpet fibres leaving the carpet looking different in that area.


The best advice would be to call a professional local carpet cleaner. Pets often tend to urinate in the same spot over and over again. Although the urine might look like it has disappeared after a day or two it’s only the liquid water part that has dried up. Urine as it dries crtystalises. These urine crystals will stay in your carpet ready to make a comeback in the right conditions, for example on a hot and humid day they will kick up a nasty urine smell once again. And it’s not just the smell that is unpleasant. This urine carpet area will be a breeding ground for bacteria, and I’m not talking about the healthy bacteria that nutritionists bang on about that live in our intestines. The bacteria that grows in and around a urine soaked carpet are not our friends. They seek to do us harm. For this reason we must fight back an eliminate them.


pet urine in carpet
Dog has urinated on the carpet, leaving round patch and urine smell.
dog urine removal
Carpet is being steam cleaned to remove pet urine stain.

A professional carpet cleaner will not only steam over the area with a hot water extraction machine, sucking and lifting the urine out of the carpet and rinsing it through, the high temperature from the steam will help to kill bacteria along with special anti-bacterial and pet urine treatments to fully sanitise and neutralise any of the bacteria and specifically odour causing bacteria that can leave the home environment smelling unpleasant. Just spraying air fresheners alone will not solve the problem long term. The urine needs to be extracted and eliminated from the carpet and the carpet fibres thoroughly washed and rinsed through to make sure there is no urine left to hang around and come back on those hot and humid days. The professionals should use specialist products that kill odour causing bacteria and keep them killed, preventing them from being able to reform.



dog urine cleaned from carpet
Professionally steam cleaned, carpet looks like new and with a pleasant smell.

As urine is acidic it can react quickly with the carpet colour so speed is of the essence! Get blotting and call a professional in to do the job properly, you’ll be thankful in the long run and your carpets and furniture should be restored to like new. If your dog or cat wees in the corner of the room you might need to replace the carpet track as the wood of that could have soaked in some of the urine. In worst case scenarios, carpet backing, carpet underlay might need replacing. This is far less expensive than the actual carpet and small areas can be done easily.


All that said, at the end of the day we all know our pets are worthwhile the, hopefully not so stressful, incidents they cause us and are a great addition to any home, I wouldn’t trade my dog for a hundred new pairs of trainers, or chewed bottles, or smelly carpets, or missing socks…or…wait where is he?! HECTOR!!