Refresh your home after winter!

Spring is a perfect time for changes and a great opportunity to  refresh our home after winter. Sometimes even small details can bring freshness and new energy to our interior.

Colours of spring at your home

The easiest way to refresh your living area is the change of textiles at home. You can put a new spring quilt on the sofa and chairs, get new bedding and pillow covers. Fabrics in warm spring colours and patterns, quickly bring a breath of freshness to your house. Bright cushions or light green bedspread will brighten the room.

Bring some sun to your rooms

Windows are one of the most important elements of spring metamorphosis. Use light and thin curtains with colourful patterns. If you are not decided on a particular colour of the curtains, use the latest spring trends. Shades of turquoise, deep green or sunny yellow, will bring peace and harmony to your interior.

Spring cleaning with help of Aladdin

The most important part of your spring interior transformation is the cleaning. Start with getting rid of useless things that only take up too much of your space.  Don’t forget about your furniture. Sofas, armchairs and other upholstered furniture typically receive a lot of use, especially in homes with children or pets. Although dirt and stains are inevitable, they don’t have to be permanent. Aladdin Carpet Cleaning Company will make your furniture like new again in no time. Furniture upholstery cleaned by the professionals at Aladdin dramatically improves your furniture’s appearance and hygiene. All of your furniture will feel and smell fresh and pleasant again.

Transform your home into a beautiful garden

There is no spring without flowers that will quickly change the house into a spring garden. Placing various plants and flowers in your kitchen, living room and bedroom will make you easily feel the spring in your home. If you are allergic, select the floral patterns on the fabrics used in the house.

Decorate your walls

A great way of refreshing your rooms is by changing the colours of the walls. Choose bright colours. You can also opt for a quicker solution to change the look of your walls by hanging new posters, pictures or paintings. Choose lush green colours or intense yellow, which will cheer up your walls.

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